Tuesday, September 21, 2010

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Joey Velasco is a Filipino visual artist who dared to journey in a field, gingerly trodden by Filipino artists---religious art. His most notable piece is "Hapag ng Pag-asa" (Table of Hope), a recasting of the "Last Supper," where Christ shares a meal with hungry street urchins.

Joey's handworks spell wonder. I saw his exhibit twice and Im completely in awe while looking at his works.

** Joey Velasco died at the age of 43 last July 21.
photo and info from: www.joeyvelasco.net



healy said...

I believe this guy caught a lot of feelings in his paintings. . .beautiful! pusong pinoy talaga

DiReK aLeCKX said...

i totally agree healy..joey's works are magnificently alive!